What the hell do all those initals stand for?

Friday, November 12, 2004

I've been told that the initals are a little confusing.
So here's a vague rundown on who or what they all are.
This is a work in Progress, bear with me, other people will be added and links hopefully to entries that describe them!

London People:

Mothership - Mum, our relationship is a bit interesting, I love and hate her intensely. (You may need to scroll down for this explaination, its a very long-winded and self indulgent entry)
Dad - AKA The Walking Corpse as my Brat referred to him, it's funny now, but won't be soon. He's a life-long Spurs fan. I think I had a narrow and lucky escape. *died 7.1.06*
The Brat - My Brother, he's a lifeguard down the Waterfront Lesiure centre, he's the lanky grunger, - Also doing a college course down at Charlton FC.
Granddad and uncles I,M,D,J - they're my uncles (apart from my Granddad, who is obviously my Granddad) and all Charlton Athletic supporters, really there was no hope for me.
Cousins L, K, T J and E2 - L is the only decent one of the lot. His mum is my Aunt G.
Nanny H- Suffers from Alzhemiers, has got it in for The Mothership at the mo.
E - My bestest mate ever. Partner in crime for karaoke and is as cool as fuck.
P - her younger sister.
GT - The first gay guy I ever met, I knew he was gay when I first met him at 12, although he spent the next 6 years trying to convince me otherwise. Camper than a whole field of tents.
OF - Oldest Friend, known since I was 4 years old, been trying to get rid of her ever since!
G - Dad's "Brother"
Nan - Dad's mum.
Welshy - One of my best and closest friends, I dont know how I'd have gotten through things without his support and love. I'm very glad that he did in the end confess his feelings, and i realised mine.
TY'U - another drinking buddy and fellow CAFC supporter!

Derby People.

MH- Mummy H. Was cornered in the kitchen while unpacking her cornflakes, by my Dad at the very first day of uni and told to look after me. Currently living in Sheff, studying for her masters, kinda accident-prone and always suffering from some kind of medical problem.
TP (also TJ) Scottish Twins, spent 3 months living with TP.
JF - Jitsu Freak - Mental, but proper ace, saved me a lot of tears during the dreaded, dark days of the I.S .
STF - I LOVE this guy, he's sweet and lots of fun, a Shrewsbury Town fan, one of the lads that I hang out with, takes me on the most random and awesome days out.
A - He is a legend, after drinking 11 shots and 14 pints - then getting taken to hospital for alcohol poisoning - probably accounts for the perminantly wasted look. Another lad that I hang out with.
N - A sarky bastard but also sweet.
R - "The Fat Irishman" Both lads that I hang out with.
BB - Biker Boy. Erm... An ex-Fuck buddy, except we're not fucking, just everything else (too much information? Sorry.) Now a very, very good mate.
SB - Surfer Boy.
The Hunter - gun nut.
The Sheep - A prat and someone I try to avoid. Long story.
CL - Compulsive Liar, an Ex Housemate.
UDOBF - CL's Uni-Drop-Out-BoyFriend.
ITFan - Ipswich Town Fan.
H2 - more of a mate of MH, did the same course as them.
The Lizard. From Mansfield, she took us there once on an unforgettable night out.
I and C - were a married couple in their early 30's - late 20's. Good fun. I is a Man-ure supporter, but forgiven as he had a season ticket, that he was forced to give up just after Fergie took over.


Yorkshire people.

J - Jena. Ex of MH, seeing a 17 year old, which means a 7 year age difference.
LF - Liverpool Freak. an ex, definately one of my few weaknesses. Now just a good friend. It was a long road to that.


Finally, last but not least. There's me.